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Aquarium Maintenance

We Offer AMC Service

Whatever we have in home or office it needs looking after, It’s the same with aquariums, they too require maintenance.

Maintaining the aquarium is not just about cleaning viewing glasses and the rest. It is also about ensuring that the system continues to work as your whole had designed.  

Aquarium Maintenance doesn’t usually take that long and is normally required once or twice a month. Have different routines according to demand.

All aquariums of whatever type have common requirements, for example cleaning the viewing glasses Cleaning bottom dirt of fished and excess foods.

Aquarium should be seen as just part of the hobby and enjoyment. There is great enjoyment when watching the livestock. Aquarium Maintenance is supporting that, it has an impact on the welfare of the livestock. If the environment is of high quality, it follows that the livestock should be healthier thus continuing the enjoyment of the aquarist.

Fail to regularly maintain of any aquarium and the results will appear, such as unsightly invasions by algae, fish that are lethargic and maybe often sick, corals that are not close to their full splendor. The whole aquarium is affected.

Failure to carry out required maintenance will result in an aquarium that is not as beautiful as it could be. It could appear fine for quite a while but a slow decline sets in.

Beautiful aquariums of course don’t just happen. They are carefully designed and built, then correctly stocked. They are also properly maintained.

Weekly, Biweekly, or Monthly Aquarium Maintenance one of our staff will come on site to your home or office to perform fish tank maintenance.

Maintenance includes: Testing water conditions, adding new fish, cleaning tank thoroughly, cleaning decorations, and other necessary tasks to keep your investment looking its best.

Delivery and Setup: Our professional staff will help you choose the right aquarium to fit your needs.

We will deliver, set up your new tank and stand, and install filters. We also design and install more deluxe setups. Custom tanks are available.

Aquarium Moves: Our staff will professionally move your aquarium from one location to another, carefully transporting all fish and equipments to minimize stress and damage.

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Aquarium Maintenance

On call Aquarium Maintenance:

We also undertake on call Aquarium maintenance. We ensure healthy Maintenance service for your fish tank when ever you think your fish tank need to be cleaned.

Creat appointment for on call service by confirming the our availbility.

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