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Aquarium can be placed any where as we like.
Aquariums Architect's works to finalize the style of the aquarium which will suits your place.

Its became a fashion to Design a Aquarium in different style with proper filtration.  

Choosing the best styles of the Aquarium to be built is the first step in Aquarium Designing

Aquarium Architect offers you with different styles of aquariums such as Free Standing Aquarium, Plasma Aquarium, Cylindrical Aquarium, Half Moon Aquarium, Hexagon Aquarium, See-Through Aquarium, Corner Aquarium, Tea Table Aquarium, Table Top Aquarium, Cube Aquarium, Bowl Aquarium, Customized Aquarium.

Plasma Aquarium / Wall mounting  Aquarium

Aquarium Architect in chennai provide Living Picture in Wall.
There are many options for decorating a wall that offer good artistic value and entertainment through wall aquariums, allowing color full fish lovers to put their collection of color full fresh water pets on display.

The advantage of wall mounting fish tank is that their size does not require a free standing stand for plasma aquarium / wall mounting aquarium, which can thus be as small or large as an owner desires. The sizes of wall aquariums range from smaller size 18" x 5" x 12" to larger size 120” x 6” x 36”, which are capable of holding beautiful color full fishes.

A Plasma aquarium / wall mounting aquarium tanks may be small and easily removable with auto filtration requiring little maintenance for cleaning and fish care.

Our wall mounting / plasma fish tank contains most of the necessary medias for purifying water and accessories needed for fish care, with a built-in filter, and lighting.

Advertised as needing only few minutes of maintenance per month, claiming it has been a practical, convenient, and colorful addition to their site.

Our wall mounting / plasma aquariums can neatly be placed in any wall in a house or office hospitals visitor’s hall.

Free Standing Aquarium

Free Standing Aquarium is nothing but the Imported tank with stand and Pasted tank with cabinet.

Free standing Aquarium is applicable at all places like Home, Office, Show Room, Mall, Gym, Restaurant and all places where you like.

Free standing aquarium comes with biotope filter, oxygen motor and lighting.
Free standing aquarium is available at all size; begin form 1 feet to 20 feet.

See Through Aquarium

See Through Aquarium can be view from both the side. It can be placed at the wall which link two rooms.
For example: Hall and kitchen.

If you have a plane to keep See through aquarium, then proper planning should be done at the beginning of your interior designing.

In Chennai Aquarium Architect is the most leading company in Customisation of See through aquariums

Bullet Aquarium

Bullet Aquarium is an "U" Shaped Desigh Aquarium. Bullet Aquarium can be placed at the Center of the Hall, Office, Mall's, Hotel, Bar, Pub etc.
U shaped design; 
Folding screen visual sensation. 
More natural.
Perfect design, better vision.
Bullet Aquarium can be viewed from both the sides.

Tea Table Aquarium

Tea / Coffee Table Aquarium are a new way of decorating interior.
Aquarium Chennai offers you a Cute and compact Tea / Coffee Table Aquarium as you required.

We will provide Strong Filtration which never allows your aquarium to become dirt.
Aquarium Architect fix a powerful lighting to your Tea / Coffee Table Aquarium.

Customised Aquarium

We specialize in creating customs aquarium we carry glass / acrylic tanks in sizes and shapes for novices and serious hobbyists.

We can work with you to design something to fit your space and needs.
We also carry all the supplies you need.

We will build customized aquariums for hotels, restaurants, bars, research facilities, schools, movie sets, Gym, universities, office or place of business, and homes, and more which can be designed for enjoyment, and low maintenance.

For folks looking for something unique, our team of professionals will help you in the design process as well as answer any questions along the way.
You can tell us just about any shape imaginable - rectangle, triangle, arch, hexagon, cylinder, pentagon, etc.

Whatever you like, we will arrange all designs for custom fish tanks by our authorized Team to ensure that proper support and design considerations have been met.

We follow strict quality testing to ensure that our tank is of the highest caliber.

Our customized Aquariums, prices and great customer service make us stand out among the competition. We are professional builders of customized aquariums.

Acrylic Aquarium

In Chennai Aquarium Architech offers Acrylic to Construct Unbreakable and huge aquariums
Acrylic Aquarium is stronger than glass, softer than  glass, and more flexible
than glass aquarium,  making it far more impact resistant and not nearly 
as prone to chip or crack as glass.
Acrylic Aquariums weigh 50% less than glass making  it far more manageable
to move.  Acrylic Aquariums insulates 20% better than glass aquariums reducing
temperature flux. 

An Acrylic Aquarium has molecularly welded, clear  polished seams that literally
make the tank one solid piece of material unable to leak and therefore 
guaranteed a lifetime against defects of workmanship. 

Acrylic Aquariums are as clear as optical glass  (at 93% transparency it passes
the most light of  any material) providing a noticeable difference, especially in
larger tanks where normal aquarium glass adds a green tint - acrylic tanks
remain crystal clear.

The durability of acrylic tanks not only Minimizes the risk of serious damage
to the aquarium itself, but helps prevent water damage to floors, property,
and more importantly,  physical injury to people and pets. In addition to being
stronger and more Flexible than glass, acrylic aquariums 
are up to 48% lighter!

Cylindrical Aquarium | Aquarium Chennai | Cylindrical aquarium in chennai, cylindrical aquarium model

Cylindrical Aquarium

Cylindrical aquarium is a wonderful selection of
aquarium style

Which can be centrally installed at all places.

It is also know as see through aquarium when it is
placed centrally.

Usually cylindrical Aquarium will be installed at
Mall's and gym's because, every one can view it
from the side.

All the varieties of aquarium can applicable at
Cylindrical Aquarium.

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